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What Type of Rug is Best For a Bedroom?

So, you’re here because you need a rug for your bedroom. Whether it was your cold toes hitting the floor in the morning or a desperate need for a pop of color in your room, here is your one-stop-shop for picking out a bedroom rug. Once you pick a rug,… [Read more]

What is The Best Way to Clean a Rug?

Rugs are a great way to add warmth and color to your home. They not only warm up the flooring, and introduce patterns, but also create zones in your living space. While rugs make your home look and feel cozy, they come with their share of problems – stains and… [Read more]

5 Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Area Rugs Clean and Well Maintained

Certain types of furnishing and home accessories are needed not only for adorning the interiors, but they are pretty useful too. Take area rugs, for example! They cover the floor, and you can use them to cover up a worn-out floor when you may not yet be ready to replace… [Read more]

All You Need To Know About Rug Repair and Restoration

There is no doubt that using area rugs is a good way to spruce up the aesthetic appeal of your home. These rugs are ideal for covering up damaged floors, and rugs also act as soft, cozy cushions for your feet. However, it is also normal for the rugs to… [Read more]

How Do You Remove Urine Smell From a Rug?

Do you have a pet in your house? If so, you’re familiar with the minor ‘accidents’ that your pet occasionally causes in the home. Yes, we have all experienced a pet dog or cat peeing on a favorite rug or having an accident near the litter box.  Because the rug… [Read more]

Can You Really Remove Urine From an Oriental Rug?

Oriental rugs are very popular floor coverings because of the color and beauty they add to any room. The intricate process used to create these detailed accessories also makes them extremely expensive, so knowing how to care for your investment is important. The exquisite patterns and colors found in oriental… [Read more]

How Often Should You Clean Your Oriental Rug?

Rug and carpet connoisseurs know the value and beauty of Oriental rugs and carpets more than anyone else. Each rug is hand woven and unique, using heavy textiles like cotton, wool and even silk to complete intricate designs and patterns. It is needless to say that each section of an… [Read more]

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