Extend the Life of Your Rugs

Caring For Your Rugs

With proper care, handmade rugs can last for generations. Because of their complexity and value, fine rugs should be cleaned and restored by trained and knowledgeable professionals with effective cleaning and drying facilities.

Before cleaning any rug, it is important to determine its origin, age, dyeing methods, previous repair and care, and construction. Improperly cleaned rugs can bleed, shrink, experience fiber deterioration and ultimately, lose their beauty and value. Typical rug cleaning services are appropriate for broadloom or wall-to-wall carpeting only, and are not gentle or thorough enough for most Oriental and specialty area rugs.

Although professional care of your rugs is best, life's inevitable soils and spills can be problematic if not caught early and quickly removed at home. Depending on the traffic your rugs encounter, a professional washing is recommended every one to three years. In addition, you should rotate your rugs annually for even wear.

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