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Permanent Fabric
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When soiling occurs, it is absorbed into the center of the wool fiber which hides the dirt from plain sight. A typical fabric protectant only “coats” the fiber and the breaks down quickly. MicroSeal penetrates the wool fiber to the inner cortex and protects from the inside out.

MicroSeal’s specially-formulated protectant provides fabric and fiber protection to a variety of products:

  • Carpeting
  • Fine & Heirloom Rugs
  • Window Treatments
  • Natural and Man-Made Leather & Suede
  • Treasured Garments/Personal Items
  • Silk, Lace & Fine Fabrics
  • Quilts & New Mattresses


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  • Sofa
    $300 – $350
  • Loveseat
    $250 – $300
  • Sectional
    $500 – $700
  • Club Chair
    $125 – $150
  • Ottoman
    $55 – $95
  • Dining Chair Seat
  • Dining Chair Full
    $65 – $85


  • Orientals
    $3 per sq. ft
  • Wall-to-Wall
    $2 per sq. ft


  • Bolt Fabric
    $23 per yard
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MicroSeal has been utilized worldwide for more than 30 years and is made in the USA. Its many benefits include:

Safe for the Environment and You

Safe, non-toxic and non-allergenic; California VOC compliant

Permanent Stain Resistance

Protects all fabrics and fibers from permanent stain damage and will endure frequent professional cleanings

Will Not Alter Colors or Textures

Utilizes proprietary nanotechnology; colors and textures remain unchanged

Penetrates & Seals All Fiber Types

Wools, cottons, silks, synthetics, suedes, and most smooth-finished leathers

Permanent Sun Fade Resistance

Nearly 100% protection on most fabrics, carpeting, and cherished rugs

Can be Applied With Confidence to Heirloom Fabrics & Fibers

Will not seal in existing soil or stains

Extends Lifespan

Strengthens all fabrics & fibers while bolstering wear integrity

Long Lasting

Will not wear or clean off over average lifetime and reapplication is not necessary

Multi-Purpose Protection

Prevents mildew, static electricity, smoke density and flame spread

For more information, call 404-355-2126

MicroSeal Warranty

MicroSeal provides a money back guarantee that takes effect after a four-day curing period. One application will withstand up to 10 professional cleanings. If the stain does not come out after a professional cleaning by S&S, MicroSeal will refund the cost of the application.

MicroSeal provides near 100% sun fade resistance. Treated surfaces will be dry and ready for use approximately 30 minutes after the application. MicroSeal will adhere to all natural and synthetic fabrics, including silks and leather without changing color or texture.

Our product is non-toxic and non-allergenic and contains no Flouroschemicals or PTFE (non-stick) resin. MicroSeal is warranted to protect against all types of stains except those that are highly acidic, iodine based, bleach, ink dyes, or food dyes. There is no fabric protection that will protect against urine or vomit.

The careful selection of our home’s furniture, carpeting, rugs, and textiles makes a statement about you and your lifestyle. Protect your valuable
investments and keep them looking as remarkable as the day you bought them.

MicroSeal of Atlanta, a division of S&S Rug Cleaners, is a full-service textile cleaning and sealing company exclusively licensed in Georgia to apply MicroSeal. MicroSeal is a non-toxic and non-allergenic fabric and fiber protection formula for permanent stain, sun fade and excessive wear protection.

EPA Rated Non-Toxic & Non-Allergenic

professional rug cleaners

The application of fabric and fiber protection is key in prolonging the lifetime of your textiles and expensive textiles worldwide are benefiting from their unique product.

Your home, vehicle and prestige items like boats, motor homes and airplanes are significant lifestyle investments. Keep their fabrics, carpeting and other fibers safe from stains, sun fade, and excessive wear by making a smart decision – MicroSeal. It’s the industry’s leading protectant that actually seals and protects from the inside out.

Scientists discovered that sheep’s wool is a natural protectant. Researchers in the United Kingdom imitated this natural protection and developed MicroSeal.

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