So, you’re here because you need a rug for your bedroom. Whether it was your cold toes hitting the floor in the morning or a desperate need for a pop of color in your room, here is your one-stop-shop for picking out a bedroom rug. Once you pick a rug, you will need rug cleaning services. Trust S&S rug cleaning with your cleaning and repair needs.

No matter what your layout, bedroom size, or style, there is a general rule you should follow – the bed should be the focus of the room, and any rug under it should extend 18-24 inches beyond the end of your bed. Depending on your space choose a rug that accents your bed and place it under or next to it. Throwing a rug smack in the center of your room can make your space seem unbalanced.

Rug Placement: Achieving Balance

    1. All or Nothing – This positioning is where you have a large enough rug to place your bed and nightstands all fully on the rug, still allowing for that roughly two feet of extra space at the end. This makes a dramatic statement and really ties together the room. Make sure to keep all your side table legs on the rug, having half on and half off will cause the table to not be even.
    2. 2/3 Rule – The ⅔ rule is an easy way to utilize a smaller rug and have it make a big statement. This placement is when you place the rug ⅔ of the way under the lower half of your bed. This allows for the rug to take up more of your room and seem larger in small spaces.
    3. The Runners – If your room is smaller, the runner option is a great one. This is where you place two runner rugs on either side of your bed. Almost creating the illusion of having a full-sized rug under your bed. The ideal width would be slightly wider than your nightstands.
    4. Accent Rugs – If you have a vanity or other piece of furniture you are trying to put a rug under this will be smaller less dramatic compared to an area rug. You will want to use the tape method mentioned below in sizing to see how big the space you are filling is then decide on a shape. Accent rugs can be a fun, unique way to tie a room together. While they do serve a purpose, the style and function can be totally up to you. Have fun and get a rug that fits your space and style.

Rug Sizing:

Always go back to the 18-24 inches rule. But in general, you can reference this chart to make the best decision for your space. It is recommended that you use tape to measure out the perimeter of the different sizes and then assess what you need for your space. These are merely guidelines and can help to take that first step but if a different size works for you and your bedroom, do your thing!

Bed Size Rug Size
Full (53” x 75”) 6’ x 9’
Queen (60” x 80”) 8’ x 10’
King (76” x 80”) 9’ x 12’


Now let’s talk about rug styles and materials. First things first – your room should be a reflection of you and what you want to come home to. Your room is a place for you to start and end your day, relax, and be yourself. That being said a rug can add a lot of personality to a room and tie together all the unique personal touches in your room. Your room is a great place to have a less practical and more unique rug than your living room since there is less traffic and it is a more private space. That being said, more plush rugs can be difficult to clean, but that shouldn’t be a worry when there is S&S rug cleaning. Polypropylene and wool are great options for a bedroom space due to their durability and softness.

With regard to styling and color options, it is a good idea to think about contrast in your space. If you have a simple or neutral color scheme going on in your room you may want to add an element of color with a patterned colorful rug. And on the contrary, if you have a bright, fun, patterned-filled space already you may want to resort to a more neutral and solid-colored rug as to not distract from your other decor.

Rug Pads!

Something easily forgotten is the rug pad. This can make a world of difference when placing your bed and other furniture on a rug. A rug pad will keep the rug from slipping, and while your bed is probably heavy enough to hold it down, this can make all the difference over time. With that in mind, if you choose runners over an area rug it is essential to get a rug pad as it will prevent movement and will lower the risk of a fall when you get in or out of bed. If you aren’t already sold on rug pads – they can also help with noise absorption and the bunching of your new rug. So you won’t annoy your neighbors and your rug will stay looking brand new for longer.

Rug Cleaning

Now you have a great start to pick the perfect rug for your space! So what happens when your rug gets stained or worn? Do you have to go through all this again? No, thankfully there is S&S Rug cleaners located in Atlanta and serving Marietta. They have services that include pick up and delivery, rug repair, and cleaning services for Atlanta. Check out the before and after pictures here.