As people have become more aware of limited resources and environmental challenges over the past couple of decades, a clear trend has emerged: a desire to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle that leaves less of an ecological footprint.

This is evident in many different ways. For example, there is the push to develop and use renewable energy sources. There are efforts to reduce packaging and cut down on the reliance on single-use plastic containers, which often end up polluting and clogging our waterways, harming wildlife, and degrading the quality of our drinking water.

Another area where this trend has picked up steam is in home cleaning. As specialists in cleaning high-quality rugs, S&S Rug Cleaners focuses on sustainable carpet care and eco-friendly rug cleaning. Our customers want carpet and rug care they can count on that doesn’t harm Mother Nature, and our services provide both.

Let’s look at what eco-friendly rug cleaning is, how environmentally friendly rug cleaners work, and what the benefits of using them are.

Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning vs. Conventional Cleaning Methods

Conventional carpet and rug cleaning solutions typically involve harsh chemicals. These chemicals can be highly effective, but they also pose some significant downsides.

One of the downsides is that these harsh chemicals can present health hazards to people and pets. Young children can be especially at risk since their immune systems are still developing. Even at their most benign, these chemicals can leave behind residue that can cause itchiness or irritation when it comes into contact with the skin.

A good example of risks to people is the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in traditional cleaning solutions. These can circulate indoors and trigger respiratory conditions such as asthma. Even people not at heightened risk can still experience poorer indoor air quality.

The harsh chemicals involved in traditional carpet and rug cleaning solutions are also bad for the environment. They can negatively impact both indoor and outdoor air quality. Even worse, these chemicals can get into waterways, where they act as pollutants and toxins. As a result, damage can be done to entire ecosystems, including the humans and wildlife that inhabit them.

Natural rug cleaning solutions, then, aim to clean just as well as – or better than – conventional cleaning solutions do, but without presenting risks to people’s health and the environment.

How Eco-Friendly Carpet and Rug Cleaning Products Work

The S&S Rug Cleaners’ green cleaning methods rely on eco-friendly cleaning products. Specifically, these products share two basic traits. Of those traits, the first is organic sourcing. These products come from sustainable sources so they are not a net drain on any resources involved. It’s one way that we help homeowners reduce their ecological footprint and leave the world a better place for their children.

The second of those traits is being biodegradable. Since these products break down naturally, they don’t go to landfills and don’t act as pollutants and toxins as they break down. These natural rug cleaning solutions don’t drain resources and also don’t add to pollution, which is why they are green cleaning solutions.

The S&S Rug Cleaning Process

Now let’s take a look at how S&S Rug Cleaners works to protect, preserve, and beautify your rugs while being kind to the world we live in and not putting family members and pets at risk of harm.

It all starts with our green cleaning agents that have neutral pH values. Like other eco-friendly rug cleaning solutions, they’re biodegradable and non-toxic.

Then comes our actual 5-step cleaning process.

Step 1 is an air dusting that lifts and removes dust and other particles that have worked themselves into the fibers.

Step 2 is submerging the rugs for several hours in running water. This is where our eco-friendly approach really kicks in. We use rainwater for this part of the process because it’s sustainable and it’s been naturally filtered and softened, making it gentler on your rugs.

Even so, we still filter and purify the rainwater to make sure it’s free of chemicals that can be harsh on your rugs. During Step 2, the rugs also undergo a hand washing using our neutral-pH cleaning agents.

Step 3 is a high-speed spin rinse using fresh water and ensuring that all residual water and cleaning agents are removed.

Step 4 features a controlled hanging drying process that can last up to 24 hours to make sure moisture can’t linger and foster mold and mildew.

Step 5 is post-detailing involving cleaning and restoring the fringes, brushing the rug, and inspecting it for remaining stains.

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The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning

When talking about the benefits of eco-friendly rug cleaning, we like to identify four key benefits:

Better Indoor Air Quality: Since green cleaning solutions lack the harsh chemicals and toxins that conventional solutions contain, there’s less worry about the solutions triggering allergies, asthma, and other conditions. Overall, indoor air quality will be better, which is not only healthier but also enables people to sleep better at night.

More Safety for Family and Pets: Conventional carpet and rug cleaning solutions often leave behind a residue of harsh and toxic chemicals. This isn’t good for anyone, but since pets and children spend a lot of time on carpets and rugs, and are closer to them, they’re more at risk of coming into contact with these residues. These residues can cause irritation and itchiness to the skin. They can also be seriously harmful if ingested.

By contrast, green carpet and rug cleaning solutions like those S&S Rug Cleaners uses are non-toxic and all-natural, so they’re safe for everyone in the household, both human and furry.

Longer Lifespan for Your Rugs: The harsh chemicals in conventional solutions can be very effective at cleaning. That harshness has a downside, though, aside from health risks. It’s tougher on the carpet and rug fibers, which are therefore more prone to being weakened and damaged.

With eco-friendly carpet and rug cleaning, though, you get solutions that are gentler on the fibers. As a result, our services will remove dirt and stains while ensuring greater longevity for your rugs so that you can enjoy their beauty and functionality for years to come.

Smaller Environmental Footprint: The manufactured chemicals in conventional cleaning solutions are harmful to not just people but also to air, water, soil, food sources, and wildlife.

Eco-friendly carpet and rug cleaning solutions, on the other hand, are all-natural, non-toxic, organic, biodegradable, and sustainably sourced. By using them, you’ll have beautiful rugs that are safe for everyone while playing a part in protecting our planet and preserving its resources.