Your Oriental and specialty rugs are a beautiful part of your homebut how do they impact indoor air quality? Rugs are always underfoot, where they easily collect dirt, dust, and other debris. These particles dont stay trapped in your carpets, though. Airborne pollutants are often kicked upinto the air as people and pets walk over your rugs. 

Sadly, your treasured rugs can degrade your homes air quality. Thats why its important to schedule deep cleaning services from the professionals at S&S Rug Cleaners. Learn how carpets impact air quality and see how professional rug cleaners can keep your family breathing easily.

Why Do Rugs Need Cleaning?

Rugs require regular cleaning to perform at their best. There are many reasons to add heirloom-quality rugs to your home. Persian rugs are classic works of art that suit any decor. Carpets make your home warmer during Atlantas winters. They protect hardwood or stone floors. Specialty rugs can also appreciate over the years, making them a valuable investment for your estate.

However, rugs get dirty over time. Its not hard to understand why. Rugs in the busiest parts of your home are constantly being used by family members, friends, pets, staff, and more. Dirt, dander, and other particles are ground into these carpets daily.

Rugs in other parts of the house also attract dirt. Your HVAC system carries dust to every room of your home. This dust eventually settles into carpets, even in rooms that are rarely opened or used.

Vacuuming helps your rugs look clean, but it isnt a long-term solution. Vacuums cant remove dirt thats ground into rug fibers. Instead, you need professional rug cleaning. 

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What is in Your Rugs?

Rugs are the perfect environment for many unwanted creatures. Well-made Oriental and specialty rugs are made of densely woven, natural fibers. These materials feel comforting to people, but they also attract small creatures. 

Rugs provide a safe home for many types of insects, bacteria, and mold. Carpet fibers offer protection and hiding places. Some insect species even eat your rug fibers. Others prefer the dirt trapped in the rug. Explore some of the unwanted creatures that may be in your carpets.

Carpet Beetles

These tiny insects eat natural fibers like wool, silk, and cotton. They earned their name because rugs and carpets are some of their favorite foods. Carpet beetles can do plenty of damage to your rugs. Unfortunately, they dont stop there. These insects will eat anything made of natural fibers. If your rugs are infested, your clothing and furniture will be next.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are cousins to spiders. These small arachnids eat dead skin flakes from both humans and animals. Since skin flakes fall to the ground throughout the day, your carpets are a dust mite buffet. Dust mites have distasteful habits. They also cause other problems. Many people are allergic to dust mites. Your friends and family may develop a cough, sneeze, or rash when your rugs have dust mites.

Mold and Mildew

Mold, mildew, and other types of fungus thrive in damp locations. They also grow well in dark environments, such as underneath a rug. It can be hard to notice mildew growth when its beneath your carpet, but mold spores can spread from your rug throughout your home. Mold is a common allergen that leads to coughing, wheezing, sneezing, and more.

Germs and Bacteria

The dirt and debris trapped in rugs is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. These microorganisms can reach your house on shoes, feet, and paws. Stains and spills also attract germs. These growths can cause odors, illnesses, and other signs of poor air quality.

Clean Rugs Can Be Air Filters

This article has described how dirty rugs hold dangerous elements that can reduce your air quality. But rugs can also act as air filters for your home. Professional rug services make all the difference.

Think of your carpets as air filters. Your HVAC filters also trap dirt, dust, mold, mildew, and small insects. These particles are contained in one place instead of flowing throughout your home. When you have these filters cleaned or changed regularly, youre removing the air impurities. If you left the filters in place, however, theyd stop working. The particles would build up and start to cause problems. 

The same is true for your carpets. Regular carpet cleaning removes impurities and improves your air quality. If you let these materials build up in your rugs, they reduce the air quality instead.

How To Improve Indoor Air Quality With Professional Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning is a necessity if you want a home with clean, healthy air. Just like your air filters need maintenance, so do your rugs. S&S Rug Cleaners uses special cleaning techniques that deliver industrial-grade results without damaging your special rugs. This process removes allergens to keep your family and guests feeling their best.

Get a quote from the S&S Rug Cleaners site to learn which cleaning package is best for you. Here are the benefits you can expect from professional rug services.

Allergen Reduction

Rugs trap allergens like dust mites, pet fur, plant materials, dust, seeds, and more. Some of these materials become lodged in rug fibers, but others are kicked into the air when rugs are used. Once the particles are airborne again, they can cause allergic reactions. Everyone in your home will feel better after these allergens are removed.

Remove Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can cause multiple problems. These substances are also allergens, so they cause health problems in your home. People who inhale mold and mildew can develop dangerous infections. Its essential to remove mold, mildew, and spores as soon as you find them.

Mildew also causes other problems like structural damage. Having your rugs professionally cleaned protects your real estate as well as your health.

Eliminate Odors

Dirty rugs can develop a foul smell when they arent cleaned. Carpets can trap more than five times their weight in dirt, dust, spills, and microorganisms. Its no surprise that this often leads to smells. Bad smells arent always dangerous, but they are unpleasant. Odors hurt your homes air quality. If your rug is dirty, dusty, or starts to smell, its time to have it cleaned.

When Should You Have Your Rugs Cleaned?

Your perfect rug cleaning schedule depends on your unique needs. We recommend everyone have their rugs cleaned at least once a year for the best air quality. Some families benefit from more frequent services. If you have children or pets, twice-yearly cleanings may be the best choice. This is also a good schedule if you regularly entertain or simply spend lots of time at home.

We encourage you to schedule an extra cleaning when your rugs need extra care. Book a cleaning if you notice mold, mildew, carpet beetles, or other obvious red flags. Its always a good idea to have your rugs cleaned after an accident or major spill. Seasonal allergy sufferers can also benefit from cleaning before allergy season begins.

Make Your Home More Healthy With Professional Rug Cleaning

Your homes air quality is vital! Invest in your familys health by improving your air quality. S&S professional rug cleaners can help you improve and maintain air quality. Rug cleaning is a reliable, effective way to keep your home clean.