Certain types of furnishing and home accessories are needed not only for adorning the interiors, but they are pretty useful too. Take area rugs, for example! They cover the floor, and you can use them to cover up a worn-out floor when you may not yet be ready to replace the entire floor. While buying an area rug to enhance the aesthetics of your living room is a nice idea, it is also important that you maintain and clean it properly. Without proper area rug cleaning, its longevity and looks will be short-lived.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Area Rugs Properly

Use the below-listed tips to ensure your area rugs last for a long time, and they look stunning.

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  • Avoid Using Chemical Cleaners – This is a mistake some homeowners make and end up damaging the fabric of their rugs! Hand woven rugs can be badly damaged if you use OTC chemical-laden cleaners and sprays. It is better that you use organic rug cleaning solutions. Of course, contacting a professional rug cleaning service company can be even better.
  • Act Fast When There is a Spill – Despite your best intentions, some spillage on the rugs will take place. This can be food, drinks, or even pet urine. When that happens, it’s important to act fast. Scrape or vacuum the spill away If you apply water at the beginning, the mark will spread. The same can be caused by hard rubbing.
  • Vacuuming Monthly Does Help – It is true that you cannot make your area rugs sparkling clean only by using a vacuum cleaner at home. However, vacuuming every couple of weeks or at least once a month is recommended. This ensures the rug is less dusty and takes less time for cleanup when you do a deep cleaning. Frequent cleaning is even more necessary if there are pets and kids in the household.
  • Sunlight is Bliss – Apart from getting the area rugs cleaned by hiring a reliable agency, you can spread it in sunlight from time to time. This helps keep the rugs free of allergens and germs. The fresh breeze also helps prevent the area rug from smelling stale.
  • Giving It a Break – After getting your area rugs cleaned thoroughly, keep them away for a while to dry thoroughly before you resume using them. This will help enhance the longevity of the rugs.

Need for Professional Care and Cleanup

Maintaining Your Area Rugs

Once or twice a year, you should call a top-notch rug cleaning company to perform a thorough cleanup of your area rugs. High-end cleaning companies have special equipment and solutions to clean up every type of rug, no matter how big or delicate it is.

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