There is no doubt that using area rugs is a good way to spruce up the aesthetic appeal of your home. These rugs are ideal for covering up damaged floors, and rugs also act as soft, cozy cushions for your feet. However, it is also normal for the rugs to get dirty and damaged. How long this takes depends on the usage and frequency of cleanings. If your beloved rug gets worn out or torn or damaged due to spillage, having professional rug repairs done will be necessary.

Repairing Rugs at Home: How to Proceed

Based on the extent of damage, you may be able to repair rugs at home.

  • At first, you need to check the condition of the damaged rug. Wash it carefully and dry it out in the sun. This will help in getting rid of the germs and allergens.
  • Then examine the type and extent of damage caused to the rug. If it is partly torn in a few places, you may be able to stitch it back together. However, this may not be possible if the tear is large. Mending personal and Oriental rugs at home may not be possible. For that, you will have to hire professionals with experience in rug repairs in Roswell.
  • Small damages to the rugs may be repaired using duct tapes and glue as well.


When to Seek Professional Help

When your rug is badly damaged, repairing it at home is out of the question. It can be caused by playful pets or accidental spillage of chemicals and acidic liquids, etc. In such situations, you have to call top-notch rug cleanup and repair companies. The nice thing is that you can locate such companies online.

How to Pick the Right Agency

When you select a company to repair and cleanup damaged rugs, you must assess a few things carefully. These are:

  • You should learn about the reputation of the company. You cannot just handover a costly Persian or Oriental rug to any run-of-the-mill rug repair or carpet cleaning company.
  • Interact with the companies over the phone or email and assess the service you receive. Did they respond quickly? Were they polite and courteous? The top companies respond They usually do not offer quotes over the phone. The top agencies will visit your premises, inspect the rug, and then offer the quote.
  • It is also good if you ask them about the methods they use for rug repair and restoration. Based on the type and severity of the damage, they will select the proper

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