Rugs are a great way to add warmth and color to your home. They not only warm up the flooring, and introduce patterns, but also create zones in your living space. While rugs make your home look and feel cozy, they come with their share of problems – stains and debris. It is, therefore, important for you to know how to clean your rug to help keep your family safe from allergens and germs. Listed below are a few tips on Oriental rug cleaning.

The very first step in rug cleaning in Marietta is to identify the material your rug is made from. This is important as this determines the right technique to clean your rug. Our handy guide will introduce you to different cleaning tips that will restore your rug to its former glory.

Basic Area Rug Cleaning Tips

If you have a large area rug, follow the same steps you would for a wall to wall carpet. The following care routine will keep your large rugs clean and free of stains:

Vacuuming Removes Dirt: As with a carpet, vacuuming a large area rug is an important step when it comes to rug care. Check to see if your rug is reversible and if it is, be sure to vacuum on both sides. This helps remove grime and dirt that could wear out your pretty rug before its time. If your rug has fringes, avoid vacuuming the ends. Also, be sure to turn off the beater bar when you vacuum a shag rug.

Brush it Out: If you have a dog or cat, it is important to brush your rug from time to time. While vacuuming helps remove most pet hair, it could still leave behind some pet dander and fine hair. Brush in the direction of the nap of your rug, using a stiff plastic brush suited for rugs.

Rotate for Even Wear: An important tip in caring for your area rug is to rotate it every year to evenly distribute wear. Doing so will reduce uneven wear and tear and increase the longevity of your precious rug.

Shake it Up: Another simple tip to increase the longevity of your rug while keeping it clean is to take it outdoors and beat it or shake it vigorously to remove loose dirt, dust, and grime. If your rug is too large for you to handle it on your own, you could use help to first hang it over a porch railing and use a broom or dry mop to loosen the dirt. Be sure to shake out your rug pad while you are at it.

Mix the Cleaner: Use all-natural rug cleaners to clean your rugs. If you do not want to pay top dollar on rug repair in Marietta, you could make your own solution at home. Mix two teaspoons of mild dish soap and a cap full of a chosen rug shampoo, in a bucket containing 5-6 gallons of lukewarm water. Use this liquid to clean out your rugs. Keep another bucket of plain water handy.

Check Your Rug for Colorfastness: Before using the cleaning liquid on your rug, it is important to check if its color runs. Dab some of the cleaning solutions onto a small corner of your rug using a clean white towel. Keep your eyes open for any color transfer onto the cloth. Let the spot dry completely and check yet again to ensure colors haven’t either bled or faded.

Scrub Away: Once you have made sure your rug is colorfast, apply your homemade solution to your rug using a sponge. You may also use a soft-bristled brush. Start at one end of the rug and work your way to the other end. Do not over-wet your rug. Use only as much soap as you need while applying gentle pressure to the rug. Be sure to rinse out your sponge to remove dirt and work on the next section.

Rinse: Once you have applied soap to your rug and removed all stains and dirt, it is time to rinse your rug. Use clean water to rinse the rug out and be sure not to leave behind any soap as it will attract more grime.

Blot the Rug: Before you hang your rug to dry, remove as much excess water as you can using a squeegee. You may also use a towel to blot out extra moisture.

Dry: The best way to dry your rug is to hang it up. You could also lay the rug flat face up outdoors, so it dries out. Let the rug air out for a whole day before you bring it back inside. Rotating the rug from time to time promotes even and quick drying. Once you bring your rug in, turn on the fans in the room to facilitate additional drying using air circulation.

Adjust Rug Fibers: Once your rug is all dry and smelling good, use a vacuum to lightly go over it. This will refresh the fibers.

Use Steam Cleaners for Heavy Stains: If the soap solution doesn’t do the trick with stains, you may benefit from renting a commercial steam cleaner from Home Depot or Lowes. This works well on soiled rugs.

Other Considerations:
Summer is hands down the best time to clean out rugs, especially the larger ones that will need a few hours to air out and dry completely. Set up a station to clean out the rugs and stay away from the lawn if possible. You could also set up a makeshift clothesline to clean out your rugs using a length of rope.

If you do not have the time and patience to clean out your rugs, you can always hire a rug cleaning service to do the job for you. Contact S&S Rug Cleaners – a reputable rug cleaning company with several years of experience in cleaning all kinds of rugs and carpets. We offer great rug maintenance packages and use all-natural cleaning products. Call us today at (404) 355-2126.