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What is Color Run Removal and How Does it Work?

Persian and Oriental rugs are hand-crafted works of art. Like any masterpiece, they need careful maintenance to look their best. These decorative rugs feature natural dyes and fibers, so their appearance can change over time. When rugs feature rich colors next to creamy white panels, the dark dye may creep… [Read more]

How to Protect and Preserve Your Persian and Oriental Rugs!

Persian and other Oriental rugs are a beautiful accent piece for any room. These rugs are works of art that can hold their value for centuries when given the proper care. Professional cleaning services will help to protect and preserve your Persian and Oriental rugs and keep them in their… [Read more]

What Makes A High-Quality Rug?

High-quality rugs are a lasting investment for your home, family, and legacy. A beautiful, well-maintained rug can be happily passed down through multiple generations,  a high-quality rus is a piece of your home that can be shared with your grandchildren and their children. Any time you’re investing in an heirloom… [Read more]

Is It Safe To Steam Clean Oriental Rugs?

An Oriental rug adds an unmistakable touch of elegance to any space. If you have Persian or Oriental rugs in your home, you’ve already experienced the one-of-a-kind natural beauty of these heirloom pieces. Both antique rugs and new acquisitions require special care to look their best for decades to come.… [Read more]

Can You Use a Carpet Cleaner on a Persian Rug?

Keeping Your Persian Rug Clean As their name indicates, Persian rugs are rugs originating in Iran. Sometimes referred to as Oriental rugs, these beautiful carpets are known for their intricate designs and the quality of their materials — rather than synthetic textiles, Persian rugs are traditionally hand woven with a… [Read more]

How Do You Dry A Rug After Washing It?

Preparing your home for the unexpected is a big part of life. Commercial made area rugs are often an overlooked item in any household, but they can make or break your living space depending on how well you take care of them and what type of rug it is. If… [Read more]

Top Rug Pad For Hardwood Floors And Buyer’s Guide

Rug pads offer many benefits to a home, such as preventing slips, making carpets feel more plush, and soundproofing the home. In addition to adding comfort and safety to the home, rug pads also protect hardwood floors from stains, scratches, and other wear and tear. Oriental rug pads for hardwood… [Read more]

How To Get Rid Of Wool Moths

Over the past decade especially, wool moth infestation has been an increasing problem across the Southeastern United States. Wool/clothes eating moths can be detrimental to a home. Infestation is not pleasant to handle, and it can be a challenge to discover the best way to remove wool moths and prevent… [Read more]

Can You Repair Antique Rugs?

Whether it’s been passed down through your family for generations or you just picked it up, owning an antique rug is a unique experience. It requires care and attention, as well as the occasional rug repair. Accidents happen! Even a small hole in your antique rug can be devastating, especially… [Read more]

8 Types of Rugs and Things to Consider Before Purchasing Them

Decorating a room involves more than simply picking the right pieces of furniture or the perfect assortment of decor. A huge piece of your design, the piece that can tie the whole room together, is the perfect rug. Choosing the right rug involves knowing the types of rugs you can… [Read more]

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