Rug and carpet connoisseurs know the value and beauty of Oriental rugs and carpets more than anyone else. Each rug is hand woven and unique, using heavy textiles like cotton, wool and even silk to complete intricate designs and patterns. It is needless to say that each section of an Oriental rug is a piece of art in itself. These rugs are mainly used for symbolic as well as practical purposes. When you enhance your home with an Oriental rug, the whole space becomes a new dimension altogether. These rugs add color, beauty, and character to any location. Due to the use of differently pigmented fibers, these rugs are quite colorful too. It is quite understandable from the description of these rugs that they are quite expensive. They need proper handling and care so that they retain their beauty for a long time.

Cleaning Oriental Rugs – Vacuuming is the Best Thing To Do

Customers ask lots of questions regarding Oriental rug cleaning. It is obvious that silk and woolen rugs are very special, and when maintained properly, these rugs can last for generations. In fact, many such rugs have been handed down from one generation to the other. Usually, woolen and silk fibers are extremely durable.

Experts dealing with rug cleaning services suggest that the best method for preserving and maintaining the rugs is to vacuum it at regular intervals. It is recommended to use a very soft-bristled beater bar on the vacuum. Also, while using the machine, one has to ensure that the bristles should barely come in contact with the tips of the rug face. The beater bar plays a role in vibrating the fibers so that the dirt is shaken off. Once the dirt becomes loose, it is easy and convenient for the vacuum to suck it up. Wool is regarded as a self-cleaning fiber. The cuticles are designed in such a manner that they push the dirt up to the surface of the rug when they rub against one another. This feature allows for easy cleaning through regular vacuuming.

How Often Should Oriental Rugs Be Cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning Oriental rugs varies depending on usage. Generally, such rugs should undergo a thorough cleaning once every year at a minimum. Best cleaning techniques should be applied for cleaning these rugs so that they retain their beauty and charm. However, if the rug is placed in an area that experiences heavy foot traffic, it is recommended to clean the Oriental rug every six months. If you rub the fibers of the rug with your hand for a few seconds and see dust flying, this is a clear indication that the rug needs cleaning. Don’t delay cleaning if you notice such a sign. The accumulation of dust and dirt can hinder the ability to remove all the contaminants, reducing the effectiveness of each future cleaning.

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