What is Color Run Removal and How Does it Work?

by Deedra Hughes - 22-01-17
Persian and Oriental rugs are hand-crafted works of art. Like any masterpiece, they need careful maintenance to look their best. These decorative rugs feature natural dyes and fibers, so their appearance can change over time...

How to Protect and Preserve Your Persian and Oriental Rugs!

by Deedra Hughes - 21-12-29

Persian and other Oriental rugs are a beautiful accent piece for any room. These rugs are works of art that can hold their value for centuries when given the proper care. Professional cleaning services will help to protect and preserve your Persian and Oriental rugs and keep them in their best co...

What Makes A High-Quality Rug?

by Deedra Hughes - 21-12-09
High-quality rugs are a lasting investment for your home, family, and legacy. A beautiful, well-maintained rug can be happily passed down through multiple generations,  a high-quality rus is a piece of your home that can be shared with your grandchildren and their children. Any time you’re invest...

Can You Use a Carpet Cleaner on a Persian Rug?

by Deedra Hughes - 21-11-23

Keeping Your Persian Rug Clean

As their name indicates, Persian rugs are rugs originating in Iran. Sometimes referred to as Oriental rugs, these beautiful carpets are known for their intricate designs and the quality of their materials — rather than synthetic textiles, Persian rugs are tr...

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